The long-awaited Jacadi Sample Sale

So today was THE Sample Sale that now marks my calendar as one of the main events in my year. Today was the long-awaited Jacadi Sale. I was about to add “long gone are my Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik Sale days” but who am I kidding, you know I’ll be first in line at these ones too.

I arrived as early as I professionally could (of course, this is when the whole company decided to have a meeting in the conference room -with glass walls- on the way between my office and the elevators), but I made it fairly early and managed to keep my waiting time below 30 min. A record for a high profile event like this.

You know it’s a bad sign when the coat check guy who deals with sample sales every day welcomes you with a “good luck” matched with an ironic face. And in fact, it was needed.
The first thing I noticed is that obviously NOBODY had read my post about the Comptoir Sale last month, when I came to the conclusion that a sample sale is resolutely NOT A PLACE FOR KIDS!

Here was the entrance hall (and there was twice as more in the outside lobby). Even the showroom for Bugaboo doesn’t look as cramped.

Inside, the craziness wasn’t any tamer. A lot of women (with 1 kid in each arm, since strollers were left outside) going frantically through carton boxes of clothes. I think we hit rock bottom when the security guard asked who’s kid was left wandering in the lobby heading to the elevator.

The amount of clothes was rather good and also featured Petit Bateau, Okaido & Diesel. Everything was 65% off. But here is my advice: only go if you have kids above 2 years old. There was literally nothing for boys from 12 to 24 months, and the little there was, I bought it today (My total was $118 and that includes a winter coat).

Good luck!

What: Jacadi & Petit Bateau Sample Sale
Where: 261 W 36th Street (between 7th & 8th Ave)
2nd Floor
When: Tuesday April 17th – Thursday April 19th
10am – 6pm

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4 thoughts on “The long-awaited Jacadi Sample Sale

  1. Sympa le butin!!!
    J’aime particulièrement le petit gilet!
    Tu vas lui mettre du quelle taille à ton Loulou cet hiver?
    Si tu veux que je regarde dans mes stocks…
    Bisous ma Béné

    • Oui trop chou le gilet, on l’a mis aujourd’hui , il est a croquer. C’est une crevette mon fils, pour l’instant je lui mets du 9-12 mois. L’hiver prochain, je pense qu’il mettra du 18 mois. Bisous!

    • Hi Donna, There was a Jacadi sale about 2 months ago but it really wasn’t great.
      The Bonpoint sale was a few weeks ago. It was much better but the lines were madness!

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